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Why Not Wanting the Deal Is the Way to Get It (or, If Not, Who Cares!)

August 31, 2015

It’s about 1 pm on Sunday and I’m thinking of getting a cheeseburger for lunch. But if I don’t, it won’t make any difference to me.

Can you reach that same mental state in connection with the deals that your medical group does, or that you do for your solo practice?

It’s trouble if you can’t.

At the most intense end, you’ve allowed yourself to get into a situation in which someone else, your deal “partner,” holds the key to your continued business existence. Think of a hospital-based group that is dependent upon the continuation of their one major hospital exclusive contract. No more contract, no more group.

Even at the least intense end, you’re bound to signal your wanting. You’re so hot for the deal that’s it like going on a first date with “I love you” stamped on your forehead. Think trying to do a favorable spine center joint venture deal with a hospital when they can tell that you’ll do almost anything to get the deal done.

Sure, you do want certain deals, certain things, certain accomplishments for your business. You do need goals. But pursuing them from a position of detachment as to their outcome strengthens your ability to close on them on favorable terms. Favorable to you, that is. The alternative makes you fall prey to someone else or, even worse, to yourself.

Time for lunch.

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Mark F. Weiss

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