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Managing Impressions Required for Medical Group Success


It goes without saying as to any hospital-based medical group that top notch clinical skills are required.  But, they merely are the “price of admission;” they get you into the position of holding a hospital contract, not actually holding it, or, in far too many cases, keeping it.

Obviously, I can’t comment on the actual level of your group’s clinical skills, I don’t know the state of your current situation and, even if I did, I’m certainly not the one to evaluate your clinical abilities.

But strange as it may sound, neither is the typical hospital administrator.

He or she has an impression of your group’s skills. And it’s that impression that you have to be concerned with.  So, while I don’t mean to minimize the importance of actual skills, it’s the appearance of those skills: verisimilitude … the appearance of being true or real – that we’re concerned with.

Your job, then, is to create ways to demonstrate and publicize your skills.

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