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Heroin: Hooked on Big Data


The hospital CFO was hooked on heroin. The heroin of big data.

Big data. Gotta have it. Gotta manipulate it. Let’s measure everything. Whatever we can measure improves!

What bullshit.

What are you in business to do? What do your customers need?  What do your customers expect? How do you deliver what’s important to them? How do you go beyond that to delight them?

Not everything in your business that can be measured influences those outcomes.

Do we send condolence cards to the parents of newborns because their family per capita income dropped precipitously upon little Johnny’s birth?

Is the quality of healthcare improved by putting all patients into large wards because 200 to a room is more “efficient” than 1 to a room?

Sure, some things can be measured. But they are seldom the real product.

Those who can do. Those who can’t measure.

Do what counts, not just what you can count.

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Mark F. Weiss

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