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Why You’re Actually in Sales


No matter your business, you’re in sales.

Don’t believe me?

Your first sale was to yourself, convincing yourself that you had what it takes to get into your profession.

You sold teachers and mentors and proctors and bosses on your skills, personality, and promise.

And now, every day, you sell your patients and referral sources and hospitals or employers on your skills, convincing them to place their confidence in you.

There’s not only nothing wrong with selling, it’s required. Either that or you believe that an angel or Jiminy Cricket is what’s sending you business or keeping you employed.

You keep your medical skills up. It’s time that you focus on your sales skills as well. 

The same goes for your group or practice. If it doesn’t constantly sell its services, and engage in all of the underlying activity leading up to those sales, it won’t be in business much longer. Someone else will sell you out of a job.

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