Why Act Now?


You are the captain of your own ship.

Sometimes, no, very often, group leaders delay taking action to develop strategy. They delay taking affirmative action to influence their own future.

They may sense the issues ahead — competition from without, dissension from within, uncertainty all around — but their plan for the future is no plan at all. Instead, it is an eternal wait and see.

“We’ll address it later.” “Let’s just see what happens.” “It’s too soon to think about it.”

Or, more bluntly, “why should we spend time and money now?”

Back on your ship, captain, the seas are open. You can set your course to wherever you wish. You can maneuver freely.

But wait a bit longer, whether a day, a month, year, and the sea will be filled with other ships, those of your competitors. And, it will be rough with changed facility expectations, and with unrenewed exclusive contracts and the like.

Then see how hard, if at all, it is to maneuver.

Act now while the seas are clear.

Or go down with the ship.

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