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Where’s the Future?


I’m writing this on New Years Day. Beautiful weather. Birds singing in the trees. Squirrels scampering about.

But, hey, it’s 2014 and nothing really looks right.

I mean, where are the flying cars and the metal and glass houses, and the robots walking dogs? I was promised that future and it’s not here and I’m mad as hell.

Just kidding.

But isn’t that really how a lot of us think?

Some of us feel that we were promised careers that didn’t turn out as advertised. But just like the flying cars, those promises weren’t real promises, they were simply projections. Perhaps projections of what the future had in store. Perhaps just projections of hope. Perhaps just delusions, someone else’s or our own.

But it’s really 2014 and there’s still a lot of stucco and siding, cars are earthbound and I have yet to see a robot picking up dog poop or even disintegrating it with a laser.

The same holds true for your career. You’re forced to live in the real world. Yes, you can try to make your career better. You can change your career. You can stop whining and look for ways to disrupt the path that your career is on.

The author, Franz Kafka said, “in the struggle between yourself and the world, back the world.”

That’s true for most. But does it really have to be true for you?

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