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What Can the Owner of a Plumbing Company Teach Medical Group Leaders?

October 19, 2011

A few years ago I met a “plumber; ” he had taken over his father’s small company with a few trucks.  Over the course of less than a decade, he built it into a statewide service with hundreds of technicians and was expanding into the two neighboring states.

I asked him, we’ll call him Chris, how he found enough qualified plumbers to expand so rapidly?

He told me that he didn’t especially look for trained personnel – he hired employees for attitude and taught them to be plumbers.  He knew that his business was largely commoditized and found that the way out for his business was to provide a complete experience to his customers.  His edge – tidy, polite, clean plumbers.

Hiring for skill is not even half the battle for your group – the price of admission.  To set your group up to break free of the commodity trap, and to prevent your group from crumbling from within, hire for more than medical expertise.

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