Philosophy Strategy

Trapped Inside the Box


A few weeks ago, I attended a funeral.  I couldn’t help that my mind wandered to the fact that many physicians and physician group leaders run their practice’s business operation as if they were locked up in a box . . . sorry to be so morbid . . . coffin-like, in that they just keep on doing what they’ve always done in terms of treating patients, essentially ignoring many if not all real business issues, and will keep on doing the same until they run out of air.

In the macro sense, leaving the business issues to someone else resulted in managed care and may soon lead to a national health plan extending decreasing, Medicare-like reimbursement across the board.

In the micro sense, leaving the business issues to someone else threatens the viability of your practice.

It’s not “outside of the box” thinking that’s required, it’s busting out of the box.

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