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The Walking Dead: Is Your Group Actually in Business?

August 13, 2012

You have been coming into work every day for years. Now there’s no need to come in tomorrow because your group no longer exists.

You see, although your group collected over $20 million over the past year, and you and your fellow partners earned a tidy sum, it turns out that your group was simply a service to one hospital, not a real business. When the hospital chose to obtain that service from someone else, proof, there went your group.

There are many things your group can be doing to create leverage to prevent its demise. And they all start with telling the truth about your present situation and with imagining the future as you want it, not as “the hospital” wants it.

Right now, the chances are almost certain that there’s someone – in fact many someones – who want your group’s contract.

Are you going to let them have it?

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