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Is Your Business Goal to Simply Survive?

July 17, 2014

Many businesses of all kinds, from medical groups to, well, mortuaries, view their goal as not to go out of business. To protect their turf. To keep on keeping on.

As a result, the best of them, that is the best of them in quotes as in self-limiting thinking “best practices,” develop rules and formulas and systems, and then demand that they be followed.

But if we carefully observe, it’s the not the plodders, the rule followers, the e-myth managers that develop the most striking, successful businesses. The ones that are, gasp!, the most fun. The ones that are not just another day at the office or in the O.R. of wherever it is that you work (or hide . . . ).

Many medical group leaders see the change in healthcare as a storm, a storm that is out of control, one over which they have no control. As a result they double down their retreat to the metaphorical storm cellar, lay low and hope, no, pray, that disruption will pass them by.

While that might prolong their business for a while, it’s only buying time.

It’s much better, although far more difficult, to innovate, to create new ways, new methods, new twists on your business. If you’re too calcified or even if you just want to hedge your bets (there’s nothing at all wrong with that) then take a part, even a small part, of your business or your group and turn it loose. What can they change, what rules can they break, what new combinations can they mash up that create new value for your customers, from patients to referral sources to facilities?

Someone is going to ride the wave of creative destruction and, sooner or later, moot your current business.

Shouldn’t that someone be you?

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