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Physicians as Antiquated as “Books Printed on Paper”


While on a website obviously aimed at the college student age group, I noticed an ad for a book by a well-known author. Below a picture of the book’s cover were the following words: “All of the words, printed on paper. Classic!”

This is an interesting signpost of the impact of what Joseph Schumpeter called creative destruction: Although e-book sales are growing dramatically, printed book sales, whether online through Amazon and its few competitors or at the remaining local bookstores, remains a vibrant business. But how long will that be the case if the next generations of readers find the notion of physical books quaint.

In similar fashion, how many patients will soon accept the notion that seeing a physician, as opposed to a technician, as antiquated?

As you’re engaging in your Scenario Survey Process™, consider that as a highly possible future. Although it appears dark, there is light at the end of that tunnel for certain segments of the market and for certain physicians who desire to remain relevant in the context of patient care as opposed to in the supervision of physician extenders.

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