Paper Business Cards and Patient Interaction


Despite all the pronouncements that paper business cards would soon be dead, they continue to live on and on. And, there’s a very good reason why, one that relates directly to your practice or business.

Many people, especially from the tech community, find business cards antiquated and a waste of paper. After all, people swap vCards and send emails with “signature file” footers. There’s even an app under development that will allow you to send your “card” by flicking your thumb across your smartphone’s screen.

But we have five senses, not just one. The magic of the business card is that it can be handed from one person to the other, creating a touch point which also anchors in the recipient’s mind the connection with the card’s donor. It’s a physical reminder in addition to something that can be seen.

In other words, the importance of the card goes well beyond the exchange of the information contained in the characters printed on it.

In similar fashion, think about what physical touch points you provide for your patients or customers. If the first thing they receive from you is a notice of privacy practices or, perhaps even worse, the bill, how many opportunities have you lost?

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