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I’m a Partner in the Group, So Leave Me Alone

March 6, 2009

If you’ve read my articles on exclusive contract negotiation or read about the Strategic Group Process, you know that my view is that almost all of the instances of a group’s organization and operation are related . . . that either they are managed in order to achieve success or they are treated silo-like (or even ignored), resulting in stagnation and failure.

In an educational setting (not a client engagement), I was recently asked whether a physician member of a group, a partner, could opt out of a new managed care agreement being entered into by the group.  I was told that the carrier didn’t care if he did.

I found the question to be rather funny.  The real question is not one of managed care contracting; after all the affected carrier consented.  Rather, the real question is whether the group cares that it is slowly ceasing to be a group.

Letting each partner write his or her terms of partnership is not a long term strategy for success, it’s a short term strategy for failure.

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