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Girl Scout Cookies and Medical Group Success

September 10, 2012

Sorry. None of your patients, referral sources, or the hospitals at which you practice cares about your success.

Surprise! They care about themselves.

The key, then, is to tie, for a moment or for years, to the achievement of your “partner’s” goals by delivering something they value.

Think for a moment of the Girl Scouts. Unless you have a young girl in the organization, it’s not likely that you’ll simply send them a check, no matter how highly you think of their mission of building girls of courage, confidence, and character.

However, they raise $760 million a year by exchanging value for your donation: cookies.

Similarly, for you to succeed, you have to tie into your “partner’s” success by delivering value. The best value is tangible or easily translatable into something tangible such as efficiency which turns into money.

The exact value varies situation to situation.

Just think of it as finding the right “cookie.”

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