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Eighteen Wheelers and the Medical Group Acquisition Meme

December 11, 2013

Eighteen wheelers speed down the highway, the second or third or fourth following way too closely for my comfort as they are sucked along, “drafting” off the the truck in front of them.

Many medical groups, especially in hospital-based specialties such as anesthesiology and radiology, appear to be in the process of being sucked down the road to being acquired.

I’m not saying that, for some groups, selling out isn’t a perfectly viable plan or, that for other groups, acquiring another group isn’t the best strategy.

Rather, I’m saying that you shouldn’t be blinded by the meme of the moment, the acqusition meme.

Consider all of your options. Develop your strategy. Groom your group for the intended outcome. Have alternatives. Then launch your tactics.

Don’t simply get sucked into something.

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