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You Deserve It

October 14, 2013

There’s a simple meme, an idea that spreads, in today’s society, one that advertisers are keen to exploit: The “deserve it” meme.

“It’s the [advertiser: fill this in] that you deserve!”

Unfortunately, this meme impacts medical group thinking as well. As in “we deserve the exclusive contract,” or “I deserve her referrals.”

Just as Mr. Jones is fooling himself when he believes he actually deserves that Obama phone, Dr. Jones is fooling herself when she believes that her group’s exclusive contract will simply be renewed and renewed and renewed because it is “deserved.” Or because it’s “fair.” Or because that’s the way that it’s always been.

One key to actually getting what you want is providing value to the one you want it from. Another is negotiating agreements with longer terms and not-so-easy-to-trigger termination provisions.

But this all starts with adopting a mindset that runs counter to the trending meme: “I don’t deserve it (in the entitlement sense), so how am I going to get it and how am I going to keep it?”

That’s a strategic mindset.

So, as they say on TV, start now and get the future you deserve.

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