Hospital-Centric Healthcare

Are You Infected with a Hospital-Centric Meme?

February 22, 2012

Physicians are certainly well acquainted with the concept of nosocomial infections, infections acquired by patients during the course of hospitalization and infections acquired by hospital personnel.

But physicians are for the most part unaware of another type of infection relating to hospitals: the meme, or mind virus, an accepted cultural idea or paradigm, infecting physicians in respect of the issue of healthcare itself: I’m talking about the mind virus of hospital-centric healthcare.

There is no legitimate reason, other than a grab by hospitals for control, why hospitals and their vehicles, such as accountable care organizations (ACOs) should be favored over physicians as the hub of the healthcare environment. In fact, the tremendous advances in technology resulting from the microchip revolution means that authority can be distributed among a broader segment of participants; in this case, physicians.

There is no need to “align” physicians with hospitals financially in order to align in terms of information and coordination of care.

So why do you believe there is?  Submit a comment or contact me if you’d like to discuss your response.

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