Manage Your Practice

You Can’t Un-Ring That Bell


Many of the acts, actions and activities within the scope of your group’s members’ daily duties are manageable as they relate to your group’s business strategy. They impact the success or failure of your group.

For instance, consider the conduct, comments, and other communication, verbal and nonverbal, between members of your team and patients, referring physicians, hospital staff and hospital administrators.

When untoward events occur, even the quickest action to ameliorate any damage is not the same as undoing the damage. Although I am all in favor of taking action to make the most out of an unfortunate situation through a Situation Transformer™, once the bell has rung, it can’t be un-rung.

It’s not enough to simply adopt strategies and implement tactics on the management level. You must train your group’s members on policies and procedures consistent with the group’s interests. And, you must implement both incentives and disincentives to best ensure compliance.

If not, “stuff” will happen which will lead to the bell ringing.

When that happens, you won’t have to wonder for whom the bell tolls. It will be tolling for you.

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