Changing Market

Focus On The Future


Imagine that your only menu choice, anywhere, is a Happy Meal. It doesn’t matter whether it’s at McDonald’s or at Chez Prétentieux. The Happy Meal is the only thing on the menu.

After all, that’s the way things are done.

Back to reality, which, for most, it isn’t much different, at least in connection with the way that deals are structured. And, it doesn’t matter what “deal” means; it could be a contract between a medical group and a hospital, an arrangement between one facility and another, or even a lawsuit. They are certain that the only steps are 1-2-3, A-B-C.

“It’s always done this way.”

“Tell me how they do that sort of deal.”

“I want to do the same deal that they did.”

These are all self-limiting paradigms. They limit the process. They limit the outcome.

Start by asking better questions than “How is it done?”

What is it that you want? How else can the deal be structured? What if you do a deal that isn’t that “type” of deal at all, but one that gets you to the same or similar or even better outcome?

There’s no required recipe. There’s no ladder that you have to climb. Skip one step, two steps or more.

Focus on the outcome. Leave the rest a blank slate and build your best way to get there.


Think that you’re not currently constrained by paradigms? Then what can you tell me about the following numerical sequence:

8 5 4 9 1 7 6 3 2 0

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