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Using the Scenario Survey Process at the Micro Level

May 7, 2012

In my podcast How Scenario Surveys Strengthen Group Strategy, or in my article by the same name, I discuss the importance of your use of the scenario tool in setting group strategy.

There’s another aspect of the Scenario Survey Process that’s important for any physician group that negotiates with a hospital, the classic example being the exclusive contract situation. That aspect is the use of the scenario tool at the micro level, for example,consideration of the various scenarios that can exist in terms of the personnel and relationships at a facility.

Take the instance of a group that has a tremendous relationship with the hospital’s CEO, with whom it negotiated five straight three year deals. What would be the impact of the CEO’s retirement?

As the earlier podcast and article stress, the Scenario Survey is essentially a large scale, macro planning tool. That doesn’t mean that it can’t also provide meaningful insight when used to drill down deeper into your group’s situation.

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