Hospital-Centric Healthcare



I was recently “un-greeted” by a cashier at Home Depot.

It was around 6:45 p.m. on a Sunday and this guy’s frown was a monotone rainbow of unhappiness.

I once had surgery and the anesthesiologist was yelling at his divorce lawyer in preop.

These sorts of people can suck the profit right out of your business. But it’s not wholly their fault. Their managers (perhaps in name only) are more to blame. Who hired these guys? Who trained these guys? Who supervised these guys? Who didn’t fire these guys?

Your medical group has many types of customers depending on your specialty. Certainly there are patients. There are referral sources. There may be relationships with hospital administrators and staff. And they all want to be treated well. If you want to remain in business you’d better treat them well. In fact, you’d better go out of your way to treat them well.

The cashier told me that they were out of propane exchange tanks. He then turned away from me. A guy sweeping the floor, perhaps a janitor, overheard him and said “No, we have a few left. I’ll go get one for you, sir.”  Make him the manager. The cashier looked pissed.

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