Future of Healthcare

Simple Change: Complex Transformation

July 9, 2012

Many contracted medical groups, both those in the traditional hospital based specialties as well as those in office based specialties, quite improperly view themselves as providing a commodity service.

They themselves do not believe that there is a qualitative difference between their group’s “Dr. A” and another group’s “Dr. B,” such that there is no strategic value from obtaining services from their group as opposed to from another group.

It makes you wonder why they are surprised when they are replaced.

The one thing that is certain in the healthcare economy is that there’s nothing that will remain certain. Schumpeter’s concept of creative destruction was spot on, and the pace at which change is being hurled at you is quickening.

Fighting to save what you have is a losing battle.  And, if all you think you have is a commodity, you’ve already lost.

The most complex transformation starts with a simple change – changing your mind as to what your practice provides.

Of course, the next step is action. But without that change in mindset, no action will ever take place.


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