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Ready for the Olympics?


Ready for the Olympics?

Every story has at least two sides. The question is, where does the truth lie?

Russia says that Sochi is ready for the Olympic games to begin and that the world is welcome.

The major media report that hotel rooms don’t have door knobs, that tap water is brown, and that the sidewalks have open manhole covers. They also report that all electronic devices are being hacked.

Medical group “X” touts the awards they have received and states that they are ready to staff the hospital.

The hospital later terminates their contract because they are unable to staff and are completely incompetent in terms of managing the service.

If you can do something, broadcast it to the world. If you can’t, don’t lie. The truth catches up with you whether your group is small, large or somewhere in between.

Craft your message carefully. This will help you immensely in your facility contracting efforts. And then deliver consistent with that message.

In most contracting scenarios there’s no gold, silver and bronze. Only hero and goat.

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