It’s Not About Price


Although many in healthcare operate on a purely commodity-level basis, in reality, it’s not simply about money – it hardly ever is.

Rather, it’s about delivering value.

In some medical specialties, notably the hospital-based specialties, over the past several years there has clearly been a trend toward national and large regional groups expanding at the expense of local groups. Many times, these groups trade on the fact that they are willing to gain market share by way of demanding low, or in some cases no, stipend support from hospitals.

But as is evidenced now from the fact that large groups as well as small groups are losing contracts due to their inability to provide the actual service, it’s becoming more clear that groups that can actually provide value – value being determined in the mind of the customer, whoever the customer happens to be — have an advantage over those who simply offer the lowest price and talk a good game.

The secret is to create, deliver, and demonstrate value.

How is your group doing that?

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