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Focusing on the Future


Where do you want to be?

Forget about planning as that concept is popularly understood.  Planning is a concept that builds on your current position but there’s a far more valuable tool available.

I know that the prior post discussed telling the truth about your current position.  To avoid confusion, let me explain.

The determination of where you are today, where you really are, not where you imagine your group or practice to be, is essential in determining the starting point.  But what you want to avoid is building upon it and that is what traditional planning is:  it’s the creation of a plan of incremental improvement based on your current position.

The alternative that I suggest is a far more powerful tool.  Instead of basing progress upon incremental improvement of your present position, you must imagine your most powerful future and use that future to pull yourself toward it.  I call this the Focus on the FutureTM and the process Focusing on the FutureTM.  We’ll discuss it in the next post.

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