The Business of Healthcare

News Flash: Physician Dissatisfaction Highest Among Those Employed by Hospitals and Investor-Owned Entities

Last week (November 20, 2018), I mentioned the increase in the physician dissatisfaction index, which now tops out at 3.95 out of a possible 5. See my Success in Motion video, Physician Misery Index Jumps Up Due To Dissatisfaction. The survey, conducted annually by the data technology firm Geneia, found that 87% of surveyed physicians say […]

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Manage Your Practice

What Does Partnership Really Mean?

What does partnership mean in a medical group? What does it mean to you? What does it mean for your group? What does it mean if you are setting up a medical group? I recently heard from someone (a partner in a law firm) who was recounting a story of another lawyer, who, years ago, […]

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