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Employment Insecurity

January 16, 2013

Have they got a deal for you.

As a physician, you’re concerned about increasing competition, declining reimbursement, and, of course, the looming impact of Obamacare.

So, you’ve been thinking, as have many, many of your colleagues, that it’s time to give up independent practice, whether truly solo practice or as a member of a group. There’s so much more security in hospital employment and a regular paycheck. Or so you and they think.

But what security is there in an agreement with a one or two year term? Or even a 7 year term…with a 60 or 90 day termination without cause provision? There is none.

Across the country, employees in many industries are just days away from a layoff or termination. Or, because they have no control over the decision, they fear that they are, which is just as bad.

Hospital employment? Sure, it’s security . . . in some alternative universe.

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