Your Independence Day

July 4, 2022

July 4th, Independence Day in the United States, celebrates the original 13 colonies’ declaration, in 1776, of their independence from Great Britain.

But July 4th wasn’t the day of actual separation: The separation came into effect on July 2nd, 1776, the date on which the Second Continental Congress approved a resolution declaring the “united States of America” as free and independent states.

In fact, historians believe that the Declaration of Independence wasn’t fully signed on July 4th. Some signatures were apparently obtained on July 2nd and there is a record of a signing ceremony in August 1776.

But the exact date doesn’t matter. It’s the construct that counts, the construct of independence.

Independence, and its antipode, dependence, are constructs equally applicable to your business, and to yourself.

Independence is a break, a fresh start. A fresh start in terms of leaving a prior arrangement or relationship and beginning one anew. A fresh start in terms of business strategy. A fresh start in terms of redoubling efforts. A fresh start at tackling problems or setting new goals. And so on.

Every year people around the world celebrate January 1, New Years Day, as a fresh start. For our country, July 4th celebrates its new start. But it easily could have been July 2nd or some date in August.

You, too, are free to choose your own independence day, or even a few of them, as a time to renew and reflect and restart.

Hot dogs, parades, and the red, white and blue are all a part of our nation’s Independence Day. You get to choose what’s a part of yours.

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