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TSA Screeners and the Myth of Medical Group Institutionalization of Business Relationships

September 24, 2012

A congressional study compared the performance of San Francisco International (SFO) Airport’s privately contracted screeners with those of LAX’s TSA staffed screeners. SFO’s staff screened 65% more passengers per screener than the government employed TSA personnel at LAX.

To make the comparison even more striking, another study revealed that TSA personnel at LAX missed three times the number of hidden bomb materials than their private counterparts at SFO.

I’m not saying that the TSA isn’t concerned with your safety. However, it’s clear that the profit motive spurs businesses to hire and train motivated employees in order to keep and grow their customer relationships. If the private screening company at SFO doesn’t pass performance tests, it will lose the contract or even go out of business. The TSA doesn’t have the same motivation.

Is your group laboring under the misperception that it has an institutional lock on its relationship with the facilities it works at, on your relationship with its referring physicians, and on the experience you provide to your patients?

Even an institutionalized government agency doesn’t have that lock or there’d be no private screeners at SFO.

Somewhere, right now, as close as a sales representative on the phone with your hospital’s CEO, there’s a competitor motivated to outperform and out-deliver as they grow their relationships.

Let’s start with auditing yours.

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