Changing Market

Business Worth Having

The market for anesthesia services is changing quickly.  The trends of hospital-centric healthcare and commoditized staffing services masquerading as true groups are combining to form a maelstrom that will take many local groups, as well as a significant number of facilities and the staffing services themselves, to rock bottom.

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How to Extract More Than Fair Market Value

Healthcare deal compliance, in terms of antikickback, Stark, and tax exempt entities, often turns on the propriety of the consideration paid. And that turns on the concept of fair market value, which is often neither fair nor indicative of value. That’s because fair market value is defined for those purposes in a fashion that ignores […]

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Hospital-Based Services, Not Hot Dogs

You own the hot dog concession at the local major league ballpark.  Because 50,000 plus potential customers come to the facility several days a week during baseball season, sales, and profits, are good, so good that you pay a hefty fee for the right to operate the hot dog stands. Later, stadium management wants to increase […]

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In the Bureaucratic World

Just because your hospital based group operates within the bureaucratic world of the hospital does not mean that it must be bureaucratic itself. The trick is to operate an entrepreneurial entity partly within those bureaucratic bounds.   I say “partly within” because the most successful groups move outward from there. It’s sometimes difficult for group leaders to […]

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