What’s the Downside Risk for Hospital Executives?

A physician makes a mistake, commits negligence, and what’s the result? It can be horrific. Malpractice suit. Medical staff discipline. Medical board discipline leading even to loss of licensure. Reputation destroyed. Now ask yourself what happens if a hospital executive, say the CEO of a publicly held hospital chain, commits the equivalent type of error, […]

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Manage Your Practice

What Does Partnership Really Mean?

What does partnership mean in a medical group? What does it mean to you? What does it mean for your group? What does it mean if you are setting up a medical group? I recently heard from someone (a partner in a law firm) who was recounting a story of another lawyer, who, years ago, […]

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What Have You Got to Gain? A Lot!

If I can make you a dollar by cutting your costs, can I keep 50 cents? That, in a nutshell, is what’s described as “gainsharing” in the context of arrangements between medical groups and hospitals. The physicians, as a part of a structured arrangement, are rewarded for making a hospital service more efficient or more […]

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