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Anesthesia Company Model Arrangement Fuels $1.718 Million Dollar FCA Settlement by a Surgeon and a Separate Guilty Plea by Another Doctor Defendant – Medical Group Minute

In a recent set of go-rounds with the Department of Justice, the so-called company model of anesthesia services took a major hit: Jonathan Daitch, M.D., just agreed to a $1.718 million civil settlement and Michael Frey, M.D., plead guilty in a criminal prosecution.

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Are All Hospitals Really Price Buyers? – Podcast

The new Chevy Spark is probably the most efficient car currently available, delivering an average 119 combined city MPG. The Nissan Versa 1.6S, the least expensive vehicle currently available, averages at around $11,990. Are you a value buyer? Or a price buyer?

What about hospitals you do business with? Are they value or price buyers?

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Mark F. Weiss


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