Office “Spaced”

Here’s a vaccine for office based physicians thinking of entering into an office sharing deal or a practice merger deal, with one or more other physicians:  Document the deal before it actually commences.  And, if the deal changes, document the change.

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Philosophy | Strategy

Trapped Inside the Box

A few weeks ago, I attended a funeral.  I couldn’t help that my mind wandered to the fact that many physicians and physician group leaders run their practice’s business operation as if they were locked up in a box . . . sorry to be so morbid . . . coffin-like, in that they just keep on doing what they’ve always done in terms of treating patients, essentially ignoring many if not all real business issues, and will keep on doing the same until they run out of air.

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Managing Risk

Maybe They’ll Bail GM Out, but Will They Bail You Out?

GM ran its business into the ground by becoming focused on everything other than building cars that their customers wanted.  They didn’t even understand who their customers were (in the car business, manufacturers hold to the belief that the dealers are their customers).   But when people stop buying cars, the dealers stop buying cars and the whole system slows or shuts down.

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